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April 21st - National Firefly Day

Alright Browncoats, it’s time to go out into the black and gather up those lost souls who have yet to experience the wonder that is Firefly. Join the Reverend Jeff Smith as he celebrates Firefly Day, April 24th, which is dedicated to shameless pandering of our beloved show, and indulgent marathon watching of the series from beginning to end. After all, we have to keep spreading the signal or people may never know the dangers of Reavers, or the real story behind the Hero of Canton. The Rev'll be talking about the day, the story behind the entire Firefly series, how the program came to be, why the fandom is even stronger now, a decade and a half later, and the Reverend will reveal how Firefly actually changed his life.

Episode Playlist: April 21st, 2019

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