"Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the chord!"

TheReverend SoRRadioPicThe head of the Church of Classic Rock is the Reverend Doctor Jeffrey Smith, Ph.D. He is a duly ordained minister in the Universal Life Church Ministries, practicing out of Michigan in the United States. He has been in and around radio and classic rock since his first on-air internship at the age of 15, and has never looked back.

His education is in electronic media arts, specifically web and new media. He is a classic rock aficionado who loves all forms of the music, but has a particular weakness for horn-rock and jazz-rock, so finding him listening to Chicago, Tower of Power, or Steely Dan is not at all uncommon.

Apart from that, he is married (since 1999) to his best friend, Annette, and helps run SoR Radio, the sponsor of the Church of Classic Rock, as well as maintaining a full-time career as a university professor.

CoUL Certificate TIf you have any questions (and yes, he can perform weddings in central/southern areas of the lower penninsula of Michigan), feel free to reach out to him via the Contact Us page on this website! His certificate of Ministry is viewable by clicking on the image to the right.


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The Church of Classic Rock is on indefinite hiatus