We at the Church of Classic Rock don't think that "commandments" mesh too well with the spirit of the music so, instead, we follow 9 Rock Mantras (because 9/8 time is holy hell to play but so, so very cool!) that explain our view of the world.

#1: Don't Be A Douchebag

#2: Everyone Has A Right To Their Own Choices

#3: Be Right With Yourself First

#4: Treat Others With Respect and Care

#5: Put Your Trust In Facts

#6: Send Positive Messages

#7: Never Lose Your Faith In Humanity

#8: Make Music An Integral Part Of Your Life Always

#9: Leave The World Better Than You Found It

You may click on each one to see a further explanation of each mantra and, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a note or post a comment on our Facebook page! We're all about open discussion, but above all, remember Mantra #1, especially when engaging in any communication through social media! :)

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